High Success Rate for Dental Crown Implants at Clayton Park Clinic

What Are Dental Crown Implants?


For new patients in Clayton Park who are considering dental crown implants to replace a missing tooth or even several teeth, the prospect of such a serious procedure may be daunting and frightening. Yet dental crown implants can be a viable and safe procedure for ultimately restoring your dental health, while renewing confidence in your appearance.


A dental crown is a hollow, artificial cap that is shaped over a tooth. The cap covers the tooth to restore its shape, size, strength. and appearance.  Once a tooth has been fixed with a dental crown, it resembles and functions like a natural tooth. Dental crowns can be made from materials such as porcelain-fused-to-metal, all ceramic or all porcelain, or resin.


While dental crowns can be made from various types of materials, dental implants are made from titanium metal in the form of an artificial root, to which an implant crown is attached.  Titanium metal is not harmful to the body and is compatible with the jaw. The artificial root is implemented into the jaw to hold artificial teeth in place. The implant fuses to the jaw; this process is called osseo-integration ("osseo” means bone; "integrate” means to fuse or join).  


High Success Rate


Dental crown implants are considered to be an extremely successful procedure for replacing teeth. Thanks to ongoing developments in dental technology, implants resemble the appearance and function of natural teeth and roots. According to a study published by the Canadian Dental Association, the success rate of dental implants remains high at 90% to 95%.


To be a good fit for dental crown implants, new patients must have enough bone in the jaw so that the implants can be properly supported. Patients need to have their jaw and teeth examined before it can be determined whether or not they are fit for such a procedure. If you have suffered the loss of a tooth or teeth to decay, fracture, or bone loss, dental crown implants are ideal if you are in good health and have healthy gums.  


Will It Hurt?


Getting dental crown implants will not hurt because a local or general anaesthesia is used during the surgery. Once the implant is inserted into the jaw bone, the implant adheres itself to the bone. It can take between three to six months to completely heal and integrate. In the aftermath of the surgery, in a small percentage of cases, there can be effects such as swelling, bruising, bleeding, and minor pain as you heal. The timeline for the procedure can vary depending on the patient. It’s best to consult your dental practitioner at Clayton Park for further information.


Take Special Care

After the procedure is completed, you will be required to take special care of your implants. Your dentist at Clayton Park clinic will show you proper cleaning procedures to prevent infection. It is vital that you take special care of your implants if they are to last.


Dental crown implants can be expensive; however, this is a procedure that will ensure your dental health and your overall well-being. If you think you might be a good fit for this procedure, find out about dental crown implants at the Clayton Park clinic.

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